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Deborah De Luca

Deborah de Luca is an Italian DJ and techno producer. Dubbed by many ‘The Queen of Naples’.

She is known for her unique style high quality fusion of hard techno and minimal sounds without ever being common. With pure passion and strong personality.

  • Born: 1980 in Naples, Italy
  • Full name: Deborah De Luca
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About Deborah De Luca

De Luca was born 1980 in Naples  in the Scampia district and also spent her childhood there.

As a teenager, she moved to Modena , in the north of Italy, where she studied fashion design .

She worked as a waitress for a while and later as a dancer in various night clubs before realizing that making music was her real passion.

Then she moved back to Naples and met the DJ and music producer Giuseppe Cennamo , who supported her in her career.

In March 2013 she founded her own music label called Sola_mente Records.


Deborah De Luca famous for delivering high-energy performances at huge international festivals and intimate nightclubs to performing breath-taking live shows broadcast to millions worldwide, there really aren’t many situations to which she can’t turn her left hand.

Passionate and industrious, charismatic yet introverted, Deborah De Luca has already left an indelible mark on the music industry and she’s only just getting started.

Today, Deborah De Luca plays all over the world and continues to produce always fresh and innovative music, although she doesn’t belong to any musical trend, but conciliates always different tastes.